Want Your Kid To Start Their Own Business
If You’re Struggling to Enroll 2-3 Perfect Clients Per Week, Believe It Or Not, You DON’T Need Hundreds of Leads (or Even Dozens of Leads)... 

You Just Need to Close More of Your Conversations

This New Closing Script Makes it Easier than Ever Before
Dear Parents (And Future Young Entrepreneur),

Hi, I'm Harry! I'll introduce myself in just a moment.

But first I want to ask you a quick QUESTION::

Do you ever wonder how awesome your life would be if you could have learned entrepreneurship at 10?

Do you find it difficult to get your child passionate about their future?

Or are you a parent who wants to get your kid unglued from screens and earning income instead?

Then I have a toolkit you’ll REALLY want to see...
Finally an Easy Way to Guide Kids 
From Being Consumers... to Creators
If you’ve ever tried to get your kids excited about business, or simply get them excited about anything other than video games...

it’s not your fault.

I mean, how can you compete with the billion dollar industry that’s ridiculously fun for them?

Let's face it... movies, TV, and video games are entertaining!

they get rewards… 
they connect with their friends…
they can buy cool gear...

but it's easy to wonder sometimes, if the time spent on screens 

could be more productive spent elsewhere

Yet, when you think of teaching practical skills to your kids ...

• It feels overwhelming
• You don’t know who to ask
• You don't have a lot of time to research great options
• You’re afraid your kids won’t be “into business” so why try
• Deep down you'd love if your kids were passionate about their purpose 
• But you have no time to figure out where to start

Maybe You’re Beginning to Ask Yourself the Question:
“Is This The BEST Thing For Them? 
Am I Possibly Missing Something?”
But what if...

there was a way BUSINESS could capture their imagination without you having to even do anything?

What if coming up with cool business ideas, 

and ways to earn money ....

was something they were OBSESSED about instead?

What if you could redirect them from being consumers online...


That’d be pretty cool, right?

Imagine Your Child Jumping Out of Bed 
Excited To Build Their Business
Imagine how good it will feel to hear your child chatting about all the interesting things he or she is learning in business ...

All the clients they are getting to serve ...

seeing their bank account grow...

His confidence growing.
Her control over her future growing.

This is your new reality.
All It Took Was a Simple Tweak 
in the Mentors I Was Surrounding myself With...
Just a few years ago, I played for HOURS with my friends online

while my mom was slaving away trying to get some work done at home. 

She was SO BUSY, and I was having fun…

But deep down she knew I wasn't maximizing my potential

she rationalized her fears away by saying ‘at least he is connecting with his friends!

And ‘at least he's not failing in school!'

Truthfully, she wanted for me to be excited about something else, and I did as well.

But she had no idea where to even start.
A Proven, Repeatable “Toolkit” for Fun and Easy Business Launches WITHOUT Boring Lessons
So she went on a desperate search to find something -- anything -- that would start building my skill set and excitement...

And with my future in mind, she began the dig.

She Google searched.
She bought courses.

Mining the depths to find the most exciting components that also were related to revenue.

She searched everywhere for quality training I could relate to. All I heard was business lingo like:

Market Research...
Ideal Customer Avatar…
Email Nurture Sequences…

The only problem was:

I was getting bored and confused. 
It all felt so jargon-ey and loooooonnnnng.

I wanted to feel excited about starting a business.

And I wanted to work hard because I wanted to do a good job for his clients.

She was beginning to think it was a lost cause.

But I could feel my potential - but we couldn't figure out how to unleash it!

As a last resort, my mom took me to an event. There, I saw OTHER kids excited about business. 

Almost overnight—everything started shifting...
The speakers showed me how instead of earning gaming tokens...

I could earn actual MONEY if you played the game of business!

Then, late one late night at the conference it hit her... 

No one was teaching kids like this about making business a FUN EXPERIMENT 

to locate their passion and serve people, by empowering them to take 'fast imperfect action'. 

BUT these young entrepreneurs were!

It was working. Whatever they were saying ...it was igniting my passion like crazy.

I was hooked.

As soon as I got home I started one business.

Then another… made sales.
Then another… made sales.
Then another… made sales.
I was amazed at my energy. My enthusiasm... 

And I began loving the reward of money, getting psyched for his future, and consuming books and training on business.

I was like who am i?
I even gave up video games!  

I couldn't believe it. I was like...

 "um... are you SURE?"

THEN I got excited about helping other kids... and started teaching how I was doing it

Kids started getting excited to start their own businesses!

And I broke it down how to awaken 'fast imperfect action' step-by-step… 

In the end I documented it into this super fun BizEasy Toolkit™ that helps kids start businesses on your very first try with:
  • No Experience Needed…
  • No Extroverted Personality Required …
  • No "Shark Tank" Idea Necessary... 
  • ​No "Gifted and Talented" Status Needed...
  • ​And No Paid Advertising...
The BizEasy Toolkit™ is ALL of the compiled steps to take...

in exactly the right sequence…  
in exactly the right length (no fluff)…

You can actually SEE how “easy” it's going to be because the toolkit lays it out right in front of you!

Your young person can ENVISION simply and clearly stating their service or product…

It making total and COMPLETE sense to their potential client...

You can practically hear the ‘a-ha’ moment’ going off in their mind as they hunger to get what your young entrepreneur has...

what took us months of research and fine-tuning to find.... Harry can teach your child inside The Biz Kid Bootcamp using the ONE TOOLKIT to increase your success...

without having a business idea..

Sounding Good? Here's How the Bootcamp Works...
The bootcamp costs $97 to join. This covers your toolkit & materials we will be giving you to use during the virtual camp experience (more info on what is inside the bootcamp below).

For all the value and concrete strategies we're teaching during the bootcamp... we could easily charge $1,000...

maybe even $2000, or more, but...
That’s Just Enough To Help Cover The Cost of Your Course Materials! 
In Exchange For That Tiny $97, You Get ALL of This:
  • 3 Sessions of SUPER FUN Video Coaching with Harry Wilder ($9,800)
  • ​The BizEasy Toolkit™  ($997 Value)
  • ​​The Biz Kid Bootcamp Workbook ($319)
  • ​​How to Set Goals Formula ($399)
  • ​​YouTube Channel QuickStart Checklist ($99)
  • "5 Best Businesses To Start" Ideas Digital Download ($49) 
Total Value: $11,663 $97
If you want your young entrepreneur to build their first (or next!) business, then this is the bootcamp for you!
Let's Break this Down Even Further! 
I'm so excited to share everything we are going to arm you with during this challenge!
So, What's The Catch...?
We're doing this because we KNOW that when you have success selling your products and services you're more likely to continue to want to work with us to grow your company...

That's it... that's our "evil" ulterior motive - for you to have success so you keep using our consulting that is giving you that success.

In fact, the $97 you spend barely covers the cost of the course materials and delivering  the bootcamp to your child.  
Either way, Harry REALLY makes very little, and in most cases lose money for each person who joins this bootcamp.

So, why would he do this?

Because we have a philosophy here at Harry Wilder Coaching, that if we can't make you money, then we don't deserve any of yours.

So our goal is to help you make money... then hopefully you'll choose to re-invest some of those profits back into the products and services that we sell.

Does that sound more then fair? :)
Is There A Guarantee?
Of course... :)

I guarantee that if your child participates in the bootcamp, implements what they learn, by the time the bootcamp is done, your child will develop a new enthusiasm for business and a vision for making money doing what he or she loves!

If for some reason you don't feel like that is true, then let us know within 14 days and receive a full refund of $97

Pretty simple.

But if you're like most families, this experience will absolutely change your child's life!
Why Time Is Of The Essence...
If this page is open, it means that the bootcamp is still open for registrations, but it will be closing down soon.

And if you're wondering... well, can't I just take the bootcamp next time it opens up?

Well, the answer is MAYBE...

I'm not sure if or when we'll offer the bootcamp again...
There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago... but the 2nd best time, is NOW."

NOW is the best time for you to jump into the 'BizKid Bootcamp'. 
Here's What To Do Next...
From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and create your account, then we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watching the video and I look forward to hearing your child's success story at the end of the bootcamp! 

Harry Wilder

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal: 

When you join the "Biz Kid Bootcamp" today (for just $97) I'm going to send you everything you need straight your inbox!

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love the bootcamp - Email me and we'll refund your $97 .

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Join the Biz Kid Bootcamp today!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Accept The Biz Kid Bootcamp Today!
  • 3 Sessions of SUPER FUN Video Coaching with Harry Wilder ($9,800)
  • ​The BizEasy Toolkit™  ($997 Value)
  • ​​The Biz Kid Bootcamp Workbook ($319)
  • ​​How to Set Goals Formula ($399)
  • ​​YouTube Channel QuickStart Checklist ($99)
  • "5 Best Businesses To Start" Ideas Digital Download ($49) 
Total Value: $11,663
If you want to get your young entrepreneur AMPED and starting to build his or her business, then this is the mission we’re giving you...
Do YOU Accept?
Join The Biz Kid Bootcamp Today!
For Only $97
Disclaimer - This Bootcamp will give you actionable steps to starting and/or growing a successful business.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the training, an opportunity will be offered to learn more.
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